LinPro 2.7.5: A free-to-use software for static and dynamic analysis of plane frames

Structural Analysis, Structural Systems Analysis, Frames

LinPro 2.7.5 is a user-friendly freeware which supports static, modal and dynamic analysis of plane frames.

Furthermore, the software features interface similarities with other commercial ones.

Two-dimensional frames can easily be created, and then the selected material properties and geometries can be assigned to the different structural members, as well as corresponding supports where needed.

Next, the user can define loads from a plethora of options, including distributed, point, moment, temperature, and dynamic ones.

Finally, after running the desired type of analysis, the user can obtain graphical and tabulated results regarding bending moments, shear forces, axial forces, deflections, and reactions. Also, the output diagrams can be exported to a word sheet by simply selecting, copying and then pasting them directly from the software.


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