Engauge Digitizer

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Data Digitization


Extracts data points from images of graphs

The Engauge Digitizer tool accepts image files (like PNG, JPEG and TIFF) containing graphs, and recovers the data points from those graphs. The resulting data points are usually used as input to other software applications. Conceptually, Engauge Digitizer is the opposite of a graphing tool that converts data points to graphs. The process is shown in the screenshots - an image file is imported and then digitized within Engauge by placing points along axes and curves. Data points can be transferred to other software applications by exporting to a text file, or directly using copy and paste. Work can be saved into an Engauge DIG file for later editing.


Features in released versions of Engauge-Digitizer:

  1. Grid lines are displayed for fine adjustments of the axis points that define the coordinate systems
  2. Automated line and point extraction rapidly digitizes data
  3. Image processing for separating important details from background information
  4. Undo/redo of all operations means recovering from mistakes and experimenting with options is painless
  5. Installers for Windows and OSX operating systems, and repository packages for Linux make installation easy
  6. Wizard provides an interactive tutorial to explain the basic steps
  7. Wizard creates a checklist guide to interactively leads user through steps from file import to file export
  8. Cubic spline interpolation between points gives more accurate curves with fewer points
  9. Axes Checker briefly highlights the axes when they are defined or modified, to reveal entry mistakes
  10. Graph coordinates can be specified as date and time values, or as degrees, minutes and seconds
  11. File import and data export by drag-and-drop and copy/paste
  12. Test suite for regression testing minimizes code breakage as new features are added
  13. Multiple coordinate systems in the same image can be digitized in advanced mode
  14. Axes with only one known coordinate (floating axes) can be digitized in advanced mode
  15. Geometry Window displays geometric information about the selected curve
  16. Curve Fitting Window fits a polynomial function to the selected curve




Mark Mitchell
Desktop - Linux, Desktop - Macintosh, Desktop - Windows 10