By Porbital
Data Digitization


All-in-One Tool to Extract Data from Graphs, Plots & Images

Plotdigitizer is an online data extraction tool that allows users to extract data from images in numerical format. In short, it reverse-engineers your visual graphs into numbers.

The software comes with plenty of useful and time-saving features.

  • Multiple Graphs: Support several graphs: XY, bar, polar, ternary, pie/doughnut, histogram, measurements, maps
  • Autotrace Your Plots: Automatically extract numerical data from points, curves, bar graphs, maps, histograms
  • Math Parser: Parse & evaluate math expressions: you can input 1/4 instead of 0.25 or “pi” instead of 3.14…
  • Multiple Axis Formats: Works with linear & nonlinear scales: logarithmic (natural & base10), date/time, reciprocal, latitude, longitude
  • Zoom Panel: Magnifies the image and improves the accuracy of data points during manual data extraction
  • Image File Formats: Accepts all common image file formats: JPG/JPEG, PNG, GIF, WEPG, BMP, SVG, SVGz
  • Several Export Options: Export the extracted data to several formats: CSV, MS Excel, JSON, MATLAB, Python, Matrix…
  • Multiple Dataset: Store, sort, retrieve, delete, and manage hundreds of datasets in PlotDigitizer
  • UI/UX: Enhanced and polished user interface allows users to quickly digitize graph and plot images
  • Image Editing: Edit image with inbuilt image editor: Crop, rotate, flip, scale, black track (removes grid lines), etc
  • Cross Platform: Available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Web
  • Support: Resolve any technical problems with real fast response





Desktop - Windows 10, Desktop - Macintosh, Desktop - Linux