FE-calculations in ground engineering

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Retaining Walls, Earth Retaining Structures


Windows® programme for a realistic evaluation of deformations of foundation soil and retaining wall during the analysis of serviceability. The interaction of foundation soil and excavation safety is collected via a high-quality calculation model. Input, calculation and evaluation are performed in a graphically interactive working environment. The application contains the following features:

  • parameteriseable, polygonal ground level and ground database
  • polygonal soil layering and water level distributions
  • wall modelling with contact elements for the surrounding soil
  • non-linear material laws for the collection of the actual soil properties, such as Mohr Coulomb and enhanced Mohr-Coulomb material model, Hardening Soil-Model
  • elastic outriggers and anchorages with imposed prestressing
  • realistic modelling of the anchor body as a geomembrane element
  • automatic meshing considering all construction stages and structural members
  • simple input of meshing parameters for the local mesh compaction
  • efficient PLAXIS-calculation with non-linear FEM-Kernel
  • block and line loads on the up- and downhill ground level for each construction stage
  • clearly arranged display of the wall stress resultants, wall deformations and anchor forces
  • direct display of the soil stresses as well as settlements and uplifts
  • individual control of the calculation and the output for each construction stage

The output of the results is freely configurable and is performed via Windows® service programmes. The calculation results can be created and output quickly and specifically in a clearly arranged manner either directly as a monitor graphic, numerically in the overview window, or as a complete result list with embedded graphics.

In detail, the following output sequences are supported by the application:

  • geometries of wall, anchors, soil layers and ground profile including dimensioning
  • deformations of construction stages with automatically generated meshing
  • display of the evaluated water pressures per construction stage in the soil profile
  • results as isolines and trajectories at stress points and selected sections
  • wall stress resultants as diagrams, normal forces, moments and shear
  • output of the contact stresses between wall and ground
  • output of the normal stresses in the tie rod and anchor grout bodies

The working environment of FEwalls can be configured freely according to the individual requirements for each working station via different presettings. FEwalls facilitates the verification of serviceability without any noteworthy effort as a FEM calculation subsequently to RTwalls via direct transmission of the relevant data or, independently thereof, via an individual, graphically interactive input.



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