ISADAB (Inelastic Static and Dynamic Analysis of Bridges) was developed for the transverse inelastic analysis of reinforced concrete highway bridges. The following tasks can be carried out by the program: (a) static analysis, (b) free-vibration analysis for initial displacements caused by static loads, (c) frequency analysis based on instantaneous stiffness during static loading, and (d) earthquake response analysis. The nonlinear effects are accounted for by incorporating translational and rotational springs at abutments, pier foundations, and at the base of piers. The deck and piers are treated as line elements. Two hysteresis models are used to represent the cyclic behavior of the nonlinear components: the Ramberg-Osgood model (for abutment springs) and the TQ-Hyst model (for pier and foundation springs), which operates on a tri-linear primary curve.



Highway Bridges inelastic analysis